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Lightboard e-learning solution - Making Teaching and Learning More Effective and Flexible Through Innovative Technology

The Services we provide to our clients

Lightboard Studio based on the latest technology that lets the viewers see your face while you are describing and illustrating your lessons, making the content easier for the viewer to understand more effectively and extra intriguing and engaging to watch.

What basically is Lightboard Studio?

The education sector is persistently growing. The surfacing of the Lightboard studio is a major part of this advancement, enabling teaching and learning to turn out to be progressively adaptable and successful.
Lightboard studio is a fusion of two things – part chalkboard and part projection screen that floats course content in the space between the tutor and their student spectators. This device produces a sort of virtual reality that connects learners in a way that conventional online learning platforms cannot. Even though the glass panel is absolutely undetectable to all the viewers, it provides a surface upon which the tutor can write bright, legible writing against a black background, at the same time facing the audience.

There’s nothing more engaging than communicating face-to-face. That is why, Lightboard technology enables your viewers – students, colleagues, and training participants – to learn from you as if you were in a similar room. There are is no new technology for educators to ace, they simply write on the glass as if they were generally using a whiteboard.

Through this lightboard studio, instructor can create a single scene where students observe the instructor, the board, computer-generated graphics (photos, graphs, PowerPoint) and any physical objects (models, instruments, etc.) that are a decisive element of the lesson. Once edited, these videos may be shared with viewers using YouTube or other multimedia platforms.

Major features of lightboard Studio:

1.Image Overlay

Image can be used to explain in real-time during lectures to explain the content enhancing better visual understanding.

2.PPT Interface

Powerpoint containing images, videos, animation can be interfaced live during lecture to make it more informative.


Any online and offline video can be projected on-screen to make it interactive with the lecturer, by also having control to play, pause and stop.

4.Screen Cast

The laptop or PC screen to explain any software or coding can be cast on board with 100% visibility, various transparencies and also screen share with screen cast.

5.Real Setup

Any real instrument, device or setup can be demonstrated by annotating its reference on screen for more real and practical understanding.

6.Live Webcam Interface

Multiple webcams can also be projected onboard live for showing various in hand small components or notes from a book etc.


Pricing will mainly depend upon the individual’s preference on the type of the camera and other additional features requested.

Standard Lightboard Studio

₹2.7 Lakhs

Digital Content can be added once the recording gets over, i.e. Post Production

• Professional Camera

• Wired mic

• Involves Post Production work

Ultimate Lightboard Studio

₹3.8 Lakhs

Digital content can be added in real-time, while recording. This enables the instructor to see & explain the details of those graphics in real-time. This setup also allows Live Streaming.

• Professional Camera

• Wireless mic with great Clarity

• No Post Production required