Take your institution to another level through the integrated, all-inclusive school management software.

What is a School Management Software?

  • School Management Software is a great web & app based management tool for managing schools, colleges, and other coaching institutes. This management system used in all learning institute ensures the faultless functioning of the day-to-day school and college operations that facilitates your educational institution to manage all the school-based tasks and activities.
  • A School Management Software transforms schools into digitized schools that are always the prime choice for all new age parents. Its chief features like quick communications, transparent operations and flawless administration can put your school or educational institution ahead in the group of other schools. Our software is one of the leading smart School Management Software and School ERP System that helps you achieve entire things easily.

Our Comprehensive School Management System

  • In the present time, if you are running a school or a chain of educational institutes, it is high time for you to start adopting the smart and digital ways of managing the school or any learning institute. Our School Management Software provides you with the optimal school & student management solution based on cutting-edge technologies that offer the affirmation of resource-saving and time-saving factors and abilities. It is an integrated Cloud-based Management Solution that aims at taking care of all the data of your school or educational institution. Our dedicated School Administration Software assists in connecting the students, teachers, staff members, and other entities of the school or college institute, which will help in making your education system stronger that will function in a more efficient manner.
  • Our School Management Application is fit for all types of schools and educational institutions including primary schools, higher secondary schools, colleges, government educational institutions, degree institutions, and so more.

Best Features Listing with our School Management System

Few Major Features of School Management Software: –

  • School Accounting Software
  • Online School Fee Payment through various online mode of transactions
  • School Transportation Management
  • Library Management Software
  • School Hostel Management
  • Easy Admission System
  • ID Card generation
  • HR and Payroll
  • News and Events Creation
  • SMS/Voice call facility
  • Examination Management System
  • Student Attendance Management
  • Syllabus management & Exam Schedule tracking
  • Student Portal
  • Parent Portal
  • Teacher Login
  • Mobile App

Our Comprehensive School Management System

As schools and educational institutes have several different tasks, activities, and data to be managed properly, so there is a paramount need to go digital. Our School Management Software provides the following perks to you: –

  • User-friendly – easy to use by anyone with basic computer knowledge.
  • 24×7×365 Support System – maintenance and support continues after sales.
  • Secure Data – encrypted server keeps all the important data of your school safe
  • Multiple device support – Our school management system can be accessed on all devices including Smartphone, tablet or personal computer
  • Tally Integrated – finances are always tallied
  • Customized for your school – tailor-made to suit all your preferences
  • Zero investment in IT infrastructure
  • Support for all latest technologies

How can educational institutes avail the benefits of School Management Software at AirSky Cloud Pvt. Ltd.?

  • School Admin – School administration can relax as they can manage every aspect of students, staff, and parents anytime, anywhere!
  • Teachers – there is a quick access to Time table, grade book, home work, work Sheets, examinations, Question Bank and education videos ease teaching experience.
  • Students – Students excel in their performance as all assignments, worksheets and homework are submitted on time with the help of reminders.
  • Parents – they are happy with the ability to track their child’s progress in a click of a second. In addition to this, they get the liberty to pay fees online, track school transport and enroll for online exams, make life easy for the student’s parents.
So, what you are waiting for! Try our School Management Software one time and it is for the surety that you will use it for a lifetime.